Welcome letter from Ruth - Peacemakers Network Newsletter Autumn 2017

Ruth Harvey   07 Nov 2017

Welcome letter from Ruth - Peacemakers Network Newsletter Autumn 2017

We have had a busy few months in Place for Hope, with requests for support from congregations and faith communities in the early autumn meaning we are currently working at… read on

Reconciling Relationships Seminar Report

Ruth Harvey   03 Nov 2017

Reconciling Relationships Seminar Report

Introduction On Tuesday 3rd October 2017 forty-seven delegates met in the airy space of the Mews in central Edinburgh to share reflections, visions and hopes for ‘Reconciling Relationships’. Place for… read on

David Brubaker - Reconciling Relationships: perspectives from the USA

David Brubaker   05 Oct 2017

On 3 October 2017, Place for Hope held the Reconciling Relationships Seminar in Edinburgh. We were delighted to welcome David Brubaker, via video conferencing, to lead a session on his… read on

Reconciliation: To Repair with God

Nancy Adams   01 Dec 2016

Reconciliation: To Repair with God

In Japan, there is an art called kintsukuroi. It means to repair with gold. Broken pottery is put back together using gold or silver lacquer to fill in the cracks.… read on

Time with the Team - Russell McLarty

Russell McLArty   01 Dec 2016

Time with the Team - Russell McLarty

Why are you involved with Place for Hope? When I was in the early days of my ministry I encountered bullying behaviour within the leadership team of the church, and actively… read on

Developing a Restorative Congregation

David Brubaker   24 Nov 2016

While the great religious traditions teach the importance of compassion and reconciliation, what is often missing among the adherents of those traditions are practical ways of embodying compassion and striving… read on

Interview with Nancy Adams, Chair of the Place for Hope Board

Nancy Adams   01 Mar 2016

“Nancy, you've been chair of the board of Place for Hope for nearly a year, what attracted you to the organisation?” I was drawn, in the first instance, to an ecumenical… read on

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