Methodist Connexion: Reconciliation and Mediation Team

Churches in the Connexion are experiencing times of tension, disagreement and conflict. The reconciliation and mediation team can offer you practical support in times of change or challenge.

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What is it?

  • Still in the pilot phase, there will be a phased roll-out of this service across the Methodist Church between 2023-2028
  • We offer support from a team of accredited practitioners, trained as mediators and facilitators with understanding and experience of the Methodist Church
  • The service is independent of the Connexional Complaints and Discipline process and can be used whether or not an informal complaint has been made

Who is it for?

  • The service is currently available in the following Districts: Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire; Bolton and Rochdale; Cumbria; Chester and Stoke; East Anglia; Isle of Man; Lancashire; Liverpool; Lincolnshire; London; Manchester and Stockport; Northampton; Nottingham and Derby
  • Anyone in leadership in the Methodist Connexion can ask for support by getting in touch with us e.g., a Circuit Stewart, Circuit Superintendent, Presbyter, Deacon, District Chair
  • Work in these Districts is fully funded and there will be no cost to your congregation, Circuit or District
  • Find out about other practicalities

What does it offer? 

  • We can help to navigate disagreement or conflict in your community between individuals or groups of people
  • Support for your church group to have a difficult conversation 
  • Resource for a District Reconciliation Group or Local Complaints Officer during the informal complaints section of the Standing Orders
  • Find out more in the facilitated conversations and help in a crisis sections

How do I get in touch?

Meet the team


Place for Hope is pleased to be working alongside Richard Armiger, Director of Regional Learning and Development, who is leading this work for the Methodist Connexion.



“My hope is that this project will enable us to discover new opportunities for positive working together as we seek to enable our church communities and the communities we serve to be places where people can truly flourish in all their diversity.” — Richard Armiger

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