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2 x half-day online sessions
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Wed 11th Jan, 2023 ()

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We know that bullying and harassing behaviour exists in our church/faith communities. How can we respond with dignity and respect as our core values? This new workshop guides participants through the dynamics of bullying, and equips them with ways to respond.This course promotes good working relationships and ways to manage bullying within the life of our churches and faith communities. It enables those who participate in the training to consider the dynamics that lead to bullying, a deeper understanding of the dynamics of power and equips participants with basic skills to become more confident when dealing with people who display such behaviour. The course builds upon the learning covered on the one-day ‘Growing Through Change and Conflict Foundation’ course material but can be undertaken can as a stand-alone course.

Date and Venue Details
Wed 11th Jan, 2023
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Session 1: Wednesday 11th January 09:30 - 13:00 Session 2: Wednesday 18th January 09:30 - 13:00 )
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Who is it for?

This Foundation course is intended for anyone wishing to explore conflict transformation from a faith perspective. It may be especially useful for those in leadership in churches (eg elders, deacons, readers, clergy), but is open to all.

Who will facilitate the day?

The day will be facilitated by Place for Hope Practitioners, trained as mediators and facilitators.

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