• Why we exist? We want every place for worship to be a place for hope. Read more about our vision and purpose.

  • Navigating difference In times of change or challenge, we know that practical support can help.

  • Set training Our learning programmes are designed to empower and equip people within faith communities to be peacemakers.

Place for Hope accompanies and equips people and faith communities so that all might reach their potential to be peacemakers who navigate conflict well.

Concerned about conflict?

Concerned about conflict in your community? We offer help and support.

need help?

Facilitated conversations

Navigating change well and prevent conflict escalating. We can host that conversation.


Learning programmes

Training and equipping people to help others have a good dialogue and navigate conflict.


Peacemakers network

Sign up to our Peacemakers Network for material and news of upcoming courses.

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Can conflict be good?

Article by Nancy Adams, featured in ‘Inspires’ exploring the art of reconciliation and the dynamic of conflict.

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Facilitating conversations

We work with large and small groups to enable more open dialogue around important or potentially difficult subjects.

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Meet the practitioners

The Practitioner team is a multi-denominational group who volunteer their time and expertise to provide support to groups & individuals.

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Responding to requests for help and supp

We are always keen to be as responsive as possible – especially if a crisis is escalating or a difficult situation is feeling protracted and damaging.

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