Key documents

The following documents provide information about Place for Hope, including leaflets and/or posters of forthcoming learning programmes and policy information.

Place for Hope Leaflet

The Place for Hope leaflet introduces people to Place for Hope and the key services we offer.

Place for Hope Charter

The Place for Hope Charter document provides an in depth overview of Place for Hope.

Gathering in Glasgow on Conflict and Faith 2019 flyer

Place for Hope and Partners invite you to a Gathering in Glasgow on Conflict and Faith. This Gathering in Glasgow on Conflict and Faith flyer gives you more information.

Set Training Programmes Leaflet

Our Set Training Programmes Leaflet provides information on our upcoming season of training programmes.

Place for Hope: Annual Reviews

Creating Possibilities - Annual Review 2016-2017

As we approach our 10th anniversary year in 2019, we continue to build on our experience supporting faith communities through times of change, conflict and transition. While exciting opportunities lie ahead as we develop our partnership working, the Creating Possibilities Annual Review looks back over our achievements in 2016 - 2017. 

Reconciling Relationships – Annual Review 2017-2018

This Review focuses on the work our Team of 23 Practitioners have undertaken across 63 settings in Scotland and the North of England in the year 2017 – 2018. In addition, we celebrate here the growth in our partnership working, and our work with partners in South Sudan. ‘Reconciling Relationships’ was the name given to our partners seminar in October 2017 which is highlighted here in Reconciling Relationships Annual Review.

Responding to Sectarianism Report

The Responding to Sectarianism Report details the findings of Place for Hope’s Community Dialogue projects to understand the impact of sectarianism in Scotland, and to explore ways in which this can be addressed. The work was delivered as part of the Scottish Government’s “Tackling Sectarianism” initiative.

Annual Accounts 2018-2019

Our Annual Accounts 2018-2019 are prepared by Paul Clelland Accountancy.

Privacy Notice: How we use your information 

Privacy Notice: How we use your Information gives more information for website users, trainees, Peacemakers Network mailing list members, clients, employees and volunteers about what information we hold about you and why. It was last updated in May 2018.


“Don’t be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite rises against, not with, the wind” — Hamilton Mabie

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