Spring Funding Appeal

  22 Jan 2019

Place for Hope receives funds for our work from the Church of Scotland Ministries Council. We also receive fees for work we do outside the Church of Scotland, including all of our training work. As with most small charities, we remain alert to the funding temperature in the country and aim to stay ‘ahead of the game’. We are committed to delivering our services to a wide range of groups within the faith community. We are also committed to seeking funding from a similarly wide range of groups, denominations, networks, and funds. In addition, we are keen to expand our funding base through inviting individuals to make regular donations to our work and wonder if you would be willing to help. 

With our next Peacemaker’s Network we will be launching our Spring Appeal. Please look out for this appeal, and if you are able to consider making a regular donation at that point we would be so delighted. If you are able to encourage others to join up to our Peacemaker’s Network, this would also be extremely helpful.

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