South Sudan

  22 Jan 2019

In addition to our core services of coaching, mediation and training, we are pleased to have established a relationship with the World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland, delivering training first in Nairobi and then in Scotland to a group of church leaders from the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan and Sudan. The context in which these Christian leaders are working is one of protracted and often violent conflict. We have been humbled to learn with these dear colleagues as they strive to bring peace to a war-torn country, and to live true to the healing and reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We will be continuing to work with this group throughout 2019 and are pleased to be able to share an excerpt from a report by Rev. Orozu Lokine Daky on some of the work he undertook last year. 

After completion of Training in Scotland, I decided to stop over in Entebbe in order to visit the Children. When I came to Juba, I was invited by the Principal of Nile Theological College Rev. Santino Odong Othol to give a lecture on Peace Mediation. The lecture was well attended. It was the first lecture to apply my mediation skills from the training in Nairobi and Scotland.

From 16-19 June I facilitated Peace building and Reconciliation Training for the State MPs, women, Youth and Religious Leaders organized by African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM).The Workshop objectives were:

  1. 1. To understand Conflict and its causes.
  2. 2. To know the cost of conflict.
  3. 3. To gain Knowledge and skills on how to address conflict of any nature.
  4. 4. To share experiences and seek the way forward with regard to the conflict in South Sudan.
  5. 5. To engage MPs to resolve conflicts in their constituencies and across the country through mediation and effective negotiations.

Other topics taught were Servant Leadership, good governance, Trauma healing, causes of Cattle Rustling and Child Abduction.

After the workshop, the MPs, promised to enact laws that will prevent cattle raiding and child abduction in the State. They requested more such trainings in different fields. After re-appointment of Hon. David Yauyau as Boma State Governor, the rampant killings, cattle rustling and child abduction and age-set fighting reduced drastically. There is now relative calm within the State and with the neighboring states. The security improvement in the State came because the Governor is always on the move. He goes from County to County. From village to village preaching peace and Reconciliation.

The governor in his tour, managed to recover 16 abducted children and he sent them to their biological parents in Pochalla and Gambella in Ethiopia. The Governor recommended that any citizen of Boma State found guilty of child abduction, must face life imprisonment. The buyer of the abducted child, must face up to 15 years in prison. Other collaborators will face not less than 8 years. The Governor urged the law makers to enact this into a law.

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