Our Practitioners

Our Practitioners are trained and supervised to accompany you through difficult conversations and to deliver training. We want every place of worship to be a place for hope.

Practitioner team members are available to:

  • help groups and individuals at times of change or crisis
  • accompany sensitive or difficult group conversations
  • provide individual coaching advice and support
  • host and enable community dialogues on faith issues
  • deliver training so that more people are able to understand and navigate conflict and difference.

Our unique approach

The Practitioner team is a multi-denominational group of women and men who volunteer their time and expertise to provide mediation, training and facilitation to groups and individuals. Team members work in groups of two or more to draw on each other’s experience and wisdom and offer peer support as they host conversations. They are particularly adept at helping large, multi-party groups navigate change and hold difficult conversations. Place for Hope provide ongoing training, coaching and supervision to the Team to ensure they are appropriately supported and the work is delivered to a professional standard.

Who is part of the Practitioner team?

Some of our Practitioners at an event in May 2017

Our Practitioners live throughout Scotland and the north of England. We are comprised of volunteers and three staff members (who help coordinate the work overall) who feel a calling to the ministry of reconciliation. Drawn from diverse backgrounds, each team member has a personal faith and is dedicated to the art of ‘navigating conflict and hosting group dialogues’. All Practitioners sign the Place for Hope mutual agreement. The team includes:

  • faith leaders, ministers and clergy
  • individuals who work in faith-based organisations
  • people familiar with churches and faith groups.

We deeply value and affirm the great skill and time commitment our Practitioners offer to make the work of Place for Hope possible.

How does our Practitioner team work?

Place for Hope staff coordinate requests for support and training. Practitioners are then allocated, in pairs, to a piece of work depending on availability, location and particular interest or expertise. After an initial briefing from staff, Practitioners oversee and deliver the work allocated to them. Place for Hope ensure Practitioners receive support and professional supervision throughout each piece of work. The team meet together at least twice each year for support and ongoing training. We see ourselves as a network of friends and colleagues on the journey towards reconciliation.

Contacting the Practitioners

If you would appreciate support for a conversation or training, please get in touch. One of our staff with contact you as soon as possible to discuss what you need.

  • For help with a conversation or crisis, see our contact page for details – you can complete the online form, email or phone us.
  • If you would like training or support, please complete the form on our training and events page or contact us for more information.

Joining our Practitioner team

We ar currently recruiting new Practioners. Please visit the vacancies page for more information. 

Our Practitioner team is made up of volunteers. We augment the team from time-to-time to maintain a balance of gender, location, age and faith belonging. Anyone who feels a sense of vocation or calling to the ministry of reconciliation, who has a sympathy with the Christian tradition, and is willing to work to our mutual agreement may apply to join the team. New members are identified through a selection and interview process and then receive training and on-going support.


“If you want peace, you don't talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” — Desmond Tutu

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