Church of Scotland: Living Peace Programme

Conflict and change are a normal part of life that we can all struggle with, including those of us in faith communities. The Living Peace programme is intended to release the spirit of conflict transformation and reconciliation in the culture, systems, mission, and ministry of the Church of Scotland in way that supports the Church to strengthen peace and hope in the world in these challenging times.

What is it?                                               

  • This programme is being run in collaboration with Place for Hope and the Church of Scotland from 2023 - 2027 to accompany and equip all within the Church of Scotland to reach their potential as peacemakers and navigate conflict and change well.
  • We offer support from a team of accredited practitioners, trained as mediators, facilitators and trainers with an understanding and experience of the Church of Scotland

Who is it for?

  • The Living Peace programme is designed to support all in the Church of Scotland, with a particular emphasis for those in ministry and leadership. 
  • Anyone in the Church of Scotland can directly access the open trainings and mediation/facilitated conversation/coaching support. Information on training and coaching being offered for specific ministry and leadership groups will be provided through your Presbytery or Manager. 
  • Support offered under the Living Peace programme is fully funded and there will be no cost to your congregation or Presbytery
  • Find out about other practicalities

What does it offer? 

  • Living Peace offers a range of training courses and workshops each year. Some will be offered as open courses for anyone in the Church of Scotland to access, while others will be tailored for specific ministry and leadership groups. These training programmes are all designed for individuals and groups to grow in their understanding of change and conflict and equip them with the conflict transformational skills to navigate both well. Most of these training courses and workshops will be provided online. See here for the 2024 open training programme
  • The Living Peace programme also continues to provide access to mediation, facilitated conversation and coaching support in times of change and conflict.
  • Downloadable resources will be made available over the course of the programme through the Church of Scotland online hub. 
  • Find out more in the facilitated conversations and help in a crisis sections.

How do I get in touch?

Get in touch via our online form, give us a call or email.

For more information about the Programme in general or in regards to training, please contact Carolyn Merry, Director at: 

If you are seeking mediation, facilitated conversation or coaching support from our Practitioners, please contact Natalie Barrett, Client Care, Volunteer and Communications Manager at: 

Place for Hope is pleased to be working alongside Lezley Stewart, Ministries Support Manager, Faith Action, who is Chairing the Steering Committee for this work for the Church of Scotland.


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