Faith in Change and Conflict

Part 1 Residential: Tues 24th September 2024 (1500) - Thurs 26th September 2024 (1600) Part 2 Residential: Tues 3rd December 2024 (1500) - Thurs 5th December 2024 (1500) Online sessions: Thurs 17th October & Fri 15th November 2024 (0930 - 1300)
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Tue 24th Sep, 2024 ()

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£1,050 (payments can be made in instalments on request)
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Faith in Change & Conflict Course Outline


We notice that many people, including those in faith communities, can struggle to find helpful ways to respond to change, transition, tension, and difference. Some structures, cultures, systems, and habits can make it difficult for people to hear each other well, resulting in relationships breaking down, leading to divisions and latent unresolved issues, inhibiting our potential, and that of others, to live our lives to our fullest and most loving potential.

At Place for Hope, we know conflict is part of life and can be both creative and destructive. Knowing there is help and support available can be a great source of hope for those experiencing difficulties and divisions within their work settings, congregations, and communities. This course provides a space for those in leadership, management, and church ministry roles to consider the transformational potential in conflict and the accompanying knowledge, skills, and confidence to deal with situations effectively and compassionately, enabling all people to flourish. 


This course equips church leaders and managers to work with the potential in conflict and change, by deepening our understanding and resilience in situations of relational and faith-based contexts, enabling a sustainable vision of reconciliation and peace. It provides a mutually supportive environment which enhances the breadth and depth of learning, by being both a safe and courageous space to grow.

Learning Objectives:
  • To reflect on your personal life journey and how that shapes your understanding, responses to and role in conflict situations.
  • To understand the importance of communication skills and practice tools that help your responses to conflict. 
  • To learn tools and skills to help you facilitate difficult conversations and situations of deepening conflict, in both small and large group settings.
  • To learn the stages in a mediation process and have an opportunity to practice skills.
  • To identify defining aspects of conflict in churches and faith communities, drawing on biblical literature and church life to sharpen understanding and practice.  
  • To consider your role and ministry in peace and reconciliation as facilitators and mediators.
Learning Outcomes

The course provides the opportunity and learning for you to:

  • Understand the difference between conflict management, conflict resolution and conflict transformation and the importance of transforming conflict for long term sustainable change of relationships, culture and contexts. 
  • Articulate reflectively how your life experience to date has shaped you, including the gifts and wounds that may impact on your work with conflict transformation and reconciliation.
  • Identify your personal communication characteristics and reflect on your role in conflict and conflict transformation, including identifying your gifts and areas for growth for your ability to respond to conflict and change. 
  • Understand behaviours and attitudes of others in situations of conflict, in particular recognising signs of high conflict or challenging behaviours.
  • Understand, describe and know when and how to deploy specific strategies for working with small and large groups in facilitating conversations with a purpose, particularly those that may present as a conflict. 
  • Identify the defining aspects of the experience of conflict in churches and faith communities and be able to relate these to biblical literature.
  • Articulate an understanding of what facilitation of difficult conversations and mediation is, including: the stages in a mediation process, the role of a mediation practitioner and the role of a facilitator and change agent. 
Course Information:

The course will be delivered mid-week over two residential 3-day blocks of teaching at St Mary’s Kinnoull on the dates specified above, as well as two 3.5-hour online sessions, attendance is required at all blocks of training.

This advanced course is for all in leadership (ordained, lay, formal, informal) in our churches who want to deepen their learning about conflict, change and transition in faith contexts, in order to strengthen their skills base for local application.

Over the two 3-day in person sessions plus two online sessions,  the course will cover four units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Conflict Transformation and Personal Development
We understand how conflict, change and transition operate in others, when we understand how it operates in ourselves. Unit 1 guides us through this journey, and introduces us to the course, and to the context in which we will be applying our learning.

Unit 2: Communication and Facilitation Skills
Honing facilitation and communication skills is essential as we lead others through times of change and transition. This unit offers a bedrock of learning for the following units.

Unit 3: Conflict and Mediation Skills
In this unit we dig deeply into some of the skills needed for transforming conflict, for hosting difficult conversations, and for working together to transform the culture of our work settings, churches, and communities.

Unit 4: Conflict in the Context of Faith
What are the specific dynamics at play in church contexts when we encounter change and difference? What does the bible teach us about conflict and change? How do we apply our learning in our own faith context? 

Residential with accommodation included at Kinnoull Monastery

Regular breaks will be factored in through each day. There will also be time for personal reflection and social space, as the training will be delivered with practical as well as theoretical applications. The course aims to enable new learning and provide participants with the skills and resources for individual or church-based ministry in the areas of Change and Conflict.

A certificate will be provided on successful completion of the course which involves the submission of a reflective tasks portfolio. Participants will be able to use this certification as a stepping stone towards accreditation as a mediator at a later date should this be of interest. Please enquire for further information.

Quotes from previous participants:

“There is no doubt that this lively and engaging short course will inspire and challenge you to think about how conflict transformation can change the landscape wherever people are working together. A truly positive experience!”

“My experience of the Faith in Change and Conflict Course was one of insight, reflection and learning about ways to respond through my faith to those situations in which I find myself in my life and work. The course enabled me to reflect on my own style of leadership and learn new methods of living out that leadership in my everyday life. I would recommend this course to anyone."

Date and Venue Details
Tue 24th Sep, 2024
St Mary's Kinnoull
3:00pm– (Part 1 Residential: Tues 24th September 2024 (1500) - Thurs 26th September 2024 (1600) Part 2 Residential: Tues 3rd December 2024 (1500) - Thurs 5th December 2024 (1500) Online sessions: Thurs 17th October & Fri 15th November 2024 (0930 - 1300))
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