Spirituality, Scripture and Conflict ONLINE

2 x 3.5 hour sessions
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Wed 13th Nov, 2024 ()

By arrangement (please contact us to discuss)

Cost Per Person

For those paying as individuals, we offer a sliding scale.
Standard price: £45
Happy to pay more to help support others: £60 It’s tough at the moment; money is tight: £15
Partnership agreements are in place with certain denominations, and sponsorship may be available through your church, denomination or organisation.
Please contact gill.thomas@placeforhope.org.uk if you are unsure about your payment options.


What does scripture say about conflict? Is there a ‘biblical’ approach to difference and disagreement? Using small group work, we weave stories of biblical insight with lived experience in this new workshop for faith leaders.

Date and Venue Details
Wed 13th Nov, 2024
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Wednesday 13th & Wednesday 20th November 2024 (0930-1300))
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