Growing through Change and Conflict Foundation ONLINE

Two half-day online sessions
Upcoming Dates

Tue 30th Jan, 2024 ()

Wed 8th May, 2024 ()

Thu 12th Sep, 2024 ()

By arrangement (please contact us to discuss)

Cost Per Person

Standard price: £45
Happy to pay more to help support others: £60
It’s tough at the moment; money is tight: £15


What will the course include?

Offered from a Christian faith perspective, the course will include the following themes:

1. Learn how to recognise and understand conflict, earlier and with confidence: Why does conflict escalate? When is the right time to intervene or ask for help?

We will share what we mean by conflict, and how it ‘looks’ in our churches; we will also begin to explore our different approaches to conflict, and how we respond.

2. Develop your conflict transformation skills: How can you work through disagreements in groups and meetings? Is it possible to lower the level of conflict? Is there a better way to make group decisions? 

Encouraging exploration of real life scenarios, we will introduce skills like: how to work constructively with disagreements in groups and meetings; how to ‘lower’ the level of conflict; making good decisions in groups.

3. Further resources: We will offer ideas and pointers for further training, including information about courses, and local/national resources.



Date and Venue Details
Tue 30th Jan, 2024
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Tuesday 30th January 2024 & February 6th 2024 (0930-1300))
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Wed 8th May, 2024
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Wednesday 8th & Wednesday 15th May 2024 (0930-1300))
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Thu 12th Sep, 2024

9:30am– (Thursday 12th & Thursday 19th September 2024 (0930-1300))
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Who is it for?

This Foundation course is intended for anyone wishing to explore conflict transformation from a faith perspective. It may be especially useful for those in leadership in churches (eg elders, deacons, readers, clergy), but is open to all.

Who will facilitate the day?

The day will be facilitated by Place for Hope Practitioners, trained as mediators and facilitators.

The Growing Through Change and Conflict Foundation is adapted from an original programme devised by Churches Together in Cumbria.

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