Journeying and Leading through Change and Transition ONLINE

2 x 3.5 hr sessions
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Wed 6th Mar, 2024 ()

Tue 18th Jun, 2024 ()

Tue 5th Nov, 2024 ()

By arrangement (please contact us to discuss)

Cost Per Person

For those paying as individuals, we offer a sliding scale.
Standard price: £45
Happy to pay more to help support others: £60 It’s tough at the moment; money is tight: £15
Partnership agreements are in place with certain denominations, and sponsorship may be available through your church, denomination or organisation.
Please contact if you are unsure about your payment options.


As we see great changes occurring, both inside our faith communities and in society, there is a growing need to better understand how to lead well through such times of change. This course is designed for those involved in leading congregations, communities and other groups through change, but is open to all.

The course will explore the following themes:

1. Understanding the phases of transition that take place within as we re-orientate ourselves to change. 

  • Leading in times of grief and letting go.
  • Leading in the neutral zone
  • Leading in new beginnings

2. Equipping yourself with the skills to lead through the different phases of transition. Exploring real life scenarios of change, we will introduce leadership skills relevant for each phase of transitioning well through change.

3. Further resources: We will offer ideas and pointers for further training, including information about courses, and local/national resources.

Date and Venue Details
Wed 6th Mar, 2024
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Wednesday 6th & Wednesday 13th March 2024 (0930-1300))
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Tue 18th Jun, 2024
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Tuesday 18th & Tuesday 25th June 2024 (0930-1300))
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Tue 5th Nov, 2024
Online via Zoom
9:30am– (Tuesday 5th & Tuesday 12th November 2024 (0930-1300))
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Who is it for?

This course is intended for those involved in leading congregations, communities and other groups through a time of change, but is open to all.

Who will facilitate the day?

The day will be facilitated by Place for Hope Practitioners, trained as mediators and facilitators.

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