What matters to us

​Our values are built into every area of activity. They tell the story of the hope we carry and seek to enable. Our guiding principles shape how we operate.

Our Values

  • Courage and compassion Being bold and working with loving kindness.
  • Challenge and trust Unafraid to go to the difficult, uncomfortable places – going there with care, humanity and empathy.
  • Inspiration and effectiveness Fostering prophetic and creative voices alongside workable approaches
  • Integrity and fairness Honouring our differences and diversity and enabling respectful processes.

Our Guiding Principles

About language and faith
We honour the role of faith in people’s lives. We recognise that people express values, beliefs and faith in many ways. We know that sometimes language or how beliefs are expressed can cause hurt and trigger division. We hope to be gracious and sensitive about how we use language while remaining generous and open to hearing and holding difference. We know we won’t always get it right. In the midst of so many words, we acknowledge the value of silence, and saying sorry when we get it wrong.

About faith, relationships and people
We celebrate the goodness and blessing at the heart of humanity, believing there is that of God in everyone. We want to cultivate wholeness and reconciliation within ourselves, our faith communities and the wider community. We respect our staff, volunteers, clients and partners and cherish the diversity in all, including any age, ability, gender, race, religion/belief, sexual orientation and health status. We do this by treating every individual with respect as equals.

About conflict, creativity and change
We recognise that conflict is part of life and we aim to harness its positive potential. We want to embrace change, difference and conflict in creative ways so that we can learn from them, and be open to being changed (metanoia). Transformation and reconciliation is built on truth, justice, forgiveness and peace.

About accompanying people
We know the power and courage to change resides within each individual. It is not our responsibility – nor within our power – to change anyone. We accompany people where relationships have become impaired and help them move towards a place of healing. Working in pairs, we aim to create trusting, gracious spaces so that people can connect with their own inner wisdom and with each other.

About always being learners
We want to be reconciling peacemakers and so value learning as a lifelong journey. We are not alone in this work of reconciliation. Many are on the road with us and many have gone before. We want to acknowledge, learn from and link with others who are involved in this vital work.


“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” — Dalai Lama

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