Why we exist

Place for Hope accompanies and equips people and faith communities so that all might reach their potential to be peacemakers who navigate conflict well. Our vision is for a world where people embrace the transformational potential of conflict and nurture the art of peacebuilding. We want every community to be a place for hope.

Conflict in our faith communities

We know conflict is part of life and can be both creative and destructive. We notice that many people – including those in faith communities – can struggle to find helpful ways to respond to change, tension and difference. Some structures, systems and habits can make it difficult for people to hear each other well and relationships may break down. We know that there is much transformational potential in conflict. Knowing there is help and support available can be a great source of hope for those experiencing difficulties and divisions within their congregations and communities.

Our aims

  • To resource the church and wider faith communities with peacemakers
  • To accompany groups navigating conflict and difficult conversations in our faith communities.

Our distinctive contribution

  • Our work is rooted in and informed by faith. We seek to honour individuals’ journeys and respect our faith institutions. We recognize and are familiar with the structures, dynamics and challenges within different denominations.
  • We are particularly adept at helping large, multi-party groups navigate change and hold difficult conversations. We help create ‘circles of trust’ where people can listen and be heard. We are flexible and able to deliver short workshops or work with groups over a longer period.
  • We foster a peace building community by training, coaching, supporting and supervising a network of Practitioners skilled in navigating conflict and hosting group dialogues.
  • Our Practitioners always work in groups of two or more to draw on each other’s experience and wisdom and offer peer support, to guide difficult conversations between groups and individuals or where relationships have broken down.
  • We are rooted in Scotland and also work collaboratively in partnerships elsewhere.

Making a difference

We want every place of worship to be a place for hope where everyone is able to:

  • notice brokenness and division
  • nurture relationships and community
  • navigate conflict with graciousness
  • nourish wholeness in themselves and their communities.

The impact we want to see:

  • More people understand the creative potential of conflict.
  • More people are skilled and feel able to host difficult conversations.
  • Places of worship are experienced as ‘places for hope’ by their members where conflict, change and difference are navigated in ways that feel both helpful and respectful.
  • Each place of worship in Scotland is able to be a reconciling presence in their wider community.
  • Within our communities and institutions we move away from a culture of unhealthy and controlling models of behaviour and leadership towards a healing model of ministry based on service.


“I simply can't build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death... I think... peace and tranquillity will return again.” — Anne Frank

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