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As a community of people committed to the art of peacebuilding, we seek to value and enrich the contribution and gifts of everyone involved with Place for Hope. In order to work collaboratively, we recognise the value of having clear roles and responsibilities. We strive to operate within interconnecting circles, where each part of the organisation provides overlapping, important and distinctive contributions to the whole. We invite everyone to be part of this peacebuilding community. Join our Peacemakers Network – there is more information here.

Our Peacebuilding Community

Our Peacebuilding Community
Our Peacebuilding Community

Peacemakers Network: This network includes our friends and supporters who uphold the wider work of peacebuilding within their communities and who want to support Place for Hope (e.g. through prayer, financially or as ambassador) as well as people who are eager to be peacemakers in their own communities. You can sign-up here to join our Peacemakers Network and receive our newsletter. Our Enablers: These are people who are involved practically to make the work of Place for Hope happen day-to-day.

  • Our Practitioners+ facilitate and host conversations and deliver training
  • Our staff* direct and deliver day-to-day work, nurture and coordinate the Practitioner team; monitor quality and source funding.
  • Our trainers* and supervisors* help to equip and support our Practitioners
  • Professional services* (e.g. accountant) work with us to help the organisation run effectively

Our Wisdom Council:

  • Our Trustees+ develop strategy, provide governance and oversee staff support
  • Our patrons+ and elders+ offer wisdom, companionship and connections to help shape, endorse and promote the work
  • Our chaplain+ provides pastoral support to the Team and staff
  • Professional services* people we invite to work with us on strategic tasks (e.g. a Communications consultant)

*Typically paid roles +Volunteer roles, or delivered as part of an existing paid role (e.g. interim minister, where a different organisation provides the payment/salary)


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