What we offer

We accompany people where relationships have become impaired and help them move towards living well with difference. We also provide training and resources. Rooted in Scotland and within the Christian faith tradition, our team of volunteer Practitioners are available to work throughout the UK with any faith-based organisation, church or religious group.

What we do

We want peacebuilding to flourish and do what we can to help and enable this. We have three primary areas of activity:

Learning for life Support for groups and individuals Equipping Practitioners

We provide training, workshops and resources for understanding and working with conflict as well as hosting and navigating difficult conversations.

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We respond to requests for help and support, including:
  • helping groups and individuals at a time of crisis
  • accompanying sensitive or difficult group conversations
  • providing individual coaching, advice and support
  • hosting and enabling community dialogues on difficult, potentially divisive issues.

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We develop and support a Practitioner team skilled in understanding conflict and able to provide mediation, training and facilitation.

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We deliver this work in collaboration with a wide range of partners (see below).

Who can use Place for Hope’s services?

We want to strengthen and resource individuals, faith leaders and groups so that they can be peacemakers within their wider communities. Our services are tailored to four groups:

  • Individuals who want to help others have difficult conversations
  • Faith leaders working locally, regionally and nationally
  • Churches, congregations and other faith groups
  • Communities grappling with differences that relate to a faith context.

How much does it cost?

We know that many congregations and groups struggle with financial resources, and we do not want cost to be a barrier to accessing support – so we work to try to minimise costs at the point of delivery. We have secured funding from some institutions (e.g. Church of Scotland and Scottish Government). This enables us to provide support and/or training at little or no cost to some congregations and groups. We are exploring with several denominations and faith groups in Scotland how we can make our services more accessible.

  • For more information about costs related to our support, see the Practicalities and Confidentiality page.
  • Our learning programmes each have their own cost structure. Visit the training and events pages for more information.
  • Our Team are unpaid volunteers who invest significantly in terms of their time and skill in order to deliver training and support. Place for Hope bear the cost of Practitioner training and supervision.

Our partners

To do our work, we value and foster relationship with a wide spectrum of institutions, organisations, networks and individuals, including:

  • Leaders and key contacts within different faith institutions
  • Partners involved in the work of peacebuilding
  • Academic institutions and training colleges
  • Ecumenical and interfaith networks and festivals
  • Faith-based charities and communities
  • Funders and ambassadors who support our work


“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

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