What others say

These are comments from people who have appreciated our support and input.

About our help in a crisis and facilitating conversations

  • “You managed to enhance trust and bring love into the room.”
  • “Amidst the chaos, anger and grief of conflict, you enabled people to listen to one another in a ‘safe’ place.”
  • ”...and the mediators listened, listened and listened.”
  • “We all came away feeling that much was achieved without the feared animosity and conflict.”
  • “You allowed the community to meet in conversation in a way that will, pray God, bear good fruit.”
  • “You helped us persevere through difficult situations towards healing and reconciliation.”

About our learning programmes

  • “I feel so much better equipped to deal with difficult situations in the future.”
  • “I now have a wider understanding of ‘conflict styles’, and the need for flexibility in dealing with conflict.”
  • “The opportunity to meet the great mix of folk involved was of real benefit where the sessions and ‘in-between-times’ offered both intensity and space for many conversations and insight.” (Peace in our Churches)
  • “Thank you for the training day last week. For me the day was initially about the acceptance of conflict and that it is present at a low level for a good part of ministry – just accepting this helps, but also with having been given the confidence to understand how I respond to conflict and how it might be possible to go into a conflict situation and be able to deal with it with an understanding of what or how this is going to affect me personally, emotionally and spiritually. [The training has also highlighted that] the default position which I think most of us probably go to is to avoid conflict. However, given some of the tools, we can work through it and hopefully grow through the conflict to be stronger and more together as people, as people of God and as congregations or vestries etc. The day was well paced and easily put one at ease. There was a good mixture of listening and interactive sessions and was person-centred which for me really helped. ” – Priest in the Scottish Episcopal Church
  • “Thank you so much for the excellent workshop .... I found it not only instructive and rewarding, but also enjoyable, in spite of the challenging content.”


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” ” — Mother Teresa

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